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AP Essentials

Invoice Automation in the Cloud

AP Essentials, from Tungsten (formerly Kofax), is a Saas based invoice processing solution for invoice capture, extraction, validation and approvals. This solution automates the capture and validation of invoices from any source, in any format and is hosted on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform.

Ranked #1
Intelligent Document Processing
Solution Provider


Lower processing cost per invoice


Times faster to process a single invoice


Lower invoice exception rate


Higher rate of 'touchless' invoices

AP Essential Workflow

AP Essentials

Paper Invoices


AP Staff

AP Staff

Invoice Process Flow







Invoice Input

  • Emails, PDF, TIF, PNG, JPG - Unattended input

  • Files, PDF, TIF, PNG, JPG, XML - Unattended input

  • Scanner/MFP - all paper sizes, color, greyscale, B&W - input by staff

  • Drag & Drop Files - PDF, TIF, PNG, JPG - input by staff



  • Extract data in more than 35 languages

  • IDP (Intelligent Document Processing) solutions are capable of processing documents with greater accuracy and are more resilient to changes in document templates than traditional OCR


Validation and Verify

  • Automated data validation against master data (vendor master, PO master)

  • AP Staff verify accuracy via onscreen side-by-side invoice image to capture fields

  • AP Staff adds GL entries by invoice or line item

  • Duplicate invoice check

  • Amount validations

  • AP Staff can review, approve, hold, reject, or request more info via mobile device or desktop


Export to Target System

  • AP Staff verify accuracy via onscreen side-by-side invoice image to capture fields and adds GL entries by invoice or line item

  • Easily integrate with multiple target systems - Microsoft D365/Finance, NetSuite, Oracle Financials Cloud, Coupa and more

Machine learning optimizes line item extraction that improves with each invoice processed. The result is highly efficient 2-way (invoice to purchase order) and 3-way (invoice to purchase order and goods delivered) line item matching.

Intelligent Line Item Extraction

Configurable rules-driven approval and exception workflows make for quicker processes. User-assisted GL coding and image storage provides additional capabilities for end-to-end invoice automation.

Approval Workflows and GL Coding

Multi-Language and Currency Support

Supports a wide range of invoice origin and user interface languages based on over 25 years of global invoice processing experience.

Increase invoice processing extraction rates in XML or PDF files and reduce manual verification and correction.

Support for Electronic Invoices

Use Microsoft Excel to easily import supplier master data and PO data for validation and verification.

Excel Import for Master and PO Data

Customer purchase orders are captured, validated and exported to the ERP, enabling an efficient, accurate start to the order process.

AR Purchase Order Processing

Reynolds Business Systems has over 50 years' experience in document imaging, scanning, content management and designing and implementing user interfaces. We will guide you through the process from product selection to project plan, implementation and ongoing support.

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