Accounts Payable Solutions


Products and services for everything from invoice receipt to

automated approval workflows

and everything inbetween 


         (Plus T&E's, P-card statements, W-9's and more...)

2015 Accounts Payable Efficiency Study
Sponsored by The Institute of Financial Operations and Kofax
53.7%  of survey respondents cited
'High paper invoice volumes and receiving invoices from multiple channels are the biggest contributors to AP processing complexity.
AP processing will become more complex over the next two years for most organizations.'

AP Solutions


Reynolds Accounts Payable Solutions quickly and easily help you turn a labor intensive, time consuming, and error prone process into an automated, error free operation.


We provide in-house, outsource, and hybrid options for invoices, T&E's, statements, and more to help you easily capture documents (even if they're arriving from a variety channels), convert them to the format your system(s) require, extract the data you need, import the images and data into your ERP or other systems, and more.


With AP Solutions from Reynolds you'll be able to:


Eliminate paper and manual processing functions


Eliminate late fees


Take advantage of early pay discounts


Eliminate duplicate payments


Increase visibility into your payables documents and processes

Beyond the input side, we can also implement straightforward, automated workflows for approvals and exceptions and intuitive, web-based or client-server imaging systems that enable authorized users to retrieve any invoice in seconds.


We offer a complete menu of simple products and services from which you can pick and choose as well as all the customization you need. 

Frequently asked questions


How fast is it?

In-house - Automated systems are proven to reduce processing times by 50%.

Outsource - Same day service for invoices submitted by 2:00 pm EST.


In-House or Outsource?

For more information on how to choose which option is best for you, please visit our

In-house vs. Outsource page.


Where does outsourcing occur?

Allentown, PA but invoices can originate from anywhere in the world.


We outsource payables. Can this still help me?

Absolutely, many of our customers outsource payables, in many cases to overseas vendors. In this case, we work with your outsourcing company, just as we would if you were doing it yourself. You benefit from the speed, image quality, and data accuracy  we provide plus increased control and transparency. We work with some of the world's largest outsourcing companies on a daily basis.


Data and images formatted for easy import into your

systems - GUARANTEED


Receive the data from your invoices and your documents/images formatted for

easy import into your ERP or other systems. Reynolds provides import routines

into SAP®, PeopleSoft, Lawson, Oracle® EBS, and more. Our import routines

are 100% GUARANTEED.

100% Import



Reynolds Difference:

Production-level hardware and software


Benefits to You:

Faster, professional grade

equipment produces higher-quality images, speeds turnaround time and lowers costs

Reynolds Difference:

Average tenure of Conversion Services personnel is 17 years


Benefits to You:

The same, highly-trained conversion experts work on your project every time. They get to know your documents inside and out,  know the best and fastest way to do things, what to look for, how to avoid problems, and ensure consistency. Everytime, you get:


  • Higher-quality images

  • Faster turnaround

  • Lower cost