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Enterprise File Sharing Software

EMC Syncplicity

Access Your Files From Any Computer or Device

Syncplicity is Dropbox for the enterprise. We provide seamless and automatic access to documents, files, and shared folders with robust security features that make IT very happy.

  • Securely collaborate with your team members inside and outside of your organization.

  • Don’t change the way you work...keep your files where they are and share them with the click of a mouse. No dragging-and-dropping, no extra steps.

  • Know you’re safe with the industry’s most complete set of security, administration, and control features that keep files secure and IT in compliance.


File Distribution to a Mobile Workforce

Publish files to large groups of people with the assurance that everyone has access to the latest version, no matter what device they use to access it.


  • Push the latest materials to individuals, teams, and departments anywhere in the enterprise

  • Ensure your files aren’t overwritten and that people have easy access to the right versions

  • Work online or offline when traveling

Securely Send Large Files and Replace FTP

No hassles. No limits. No extra steps.


  • Securely share video, design, and other heavy files regardless of size
  • Send files without logging into FTP sites or portals
  • Email links instead of files so you can track where they go


Real-time document backup and continuous availability

Protect documents in real-time and get back to work quickly.

  • Automatically back up working documents in real time

  • If a computer dies, access files from another computer or device to keep working without missing a beat

  • Recover previous versions of files instantly


Syncplicity by EMC is an enterprise-grade online file sharing & mobile collaboration solution that enables business users to access all their business files, on all their devices, online or offline--with no hassles.


Work is changing. Users demand easy access to all their business files on all their devices. And 

they expect to be able to seamlessly share files inside and outside the organization. By combining 

easy file synchronization with rich, native desktop and mobile apps, Syncplicity is redefining how 

users access, share, and collaborate on their business files. 


Your Files Everywhere with No Hassles


Most file sharing solutions force users to store documents in designated folders or drives but 

Syncplicity conforms to the way you work. There’s no need to drag and drop files to a special 

folder or check them in and out of a portal. It’s a flexible, reliable solution that won’t break your 

rhythm or slow you down. So don’t go changing on our account—we like the way you work.


Leave Your Laptop at Home


Mobile devices give us access to pretty much everything—Internet, email, photos, even your 

favorite TV shows. So why can’t you get work files on your iPad or smartphone? 

Syncplicity makes syncing and sharing corporate files easy, giving you access to the latest version 

and allowing you to collaborate anytime, anywhere, from any device or computer.


Make Sharing a Breeze


Sharing business files should be as easy as posting a photo to Instagram or updating your status on Facebook, but in most companies it’s not. Corporate teams grapple with bloated file sharing approaches that are slow and difficult to use. Whether you’re working from desktops or mobile devices, Syncplicity is easy and automatic. It streamlines communication and promotes collaboration—both onsite and in the field—so you and your team can get work done.


Real-Time Document Protection


When you lose access to your files, business screeches to a halt. Syncplicity is your backup, 

contingency, and emergency plans rolled into in one. We backup every edit and file change in real 

time and instantly sync every device, person, and computer you’re shared with. If your computer 

goes down, we provide browser access to your files from any computer or mobile device. No down time, no lost files, no lost business. 

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