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State and Local Government

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the solution to "do more with less"

Laserfiche ECM is your solution to reduced staff, cut budgets, pandemic obstacles and ever increasing demands from citizens and regulators. With the latest records management platform your team and constituents will be able to put your fingers on any document or piece of information within seconds, from any location. Securely and accurately.

Laserfiche has over 30 years of experience in the local government market and is used by thousands of government agencies worldwide. 

benefits for local government
  • Capture paper and electronic documents, emails and audio/video files

  • Full-text, image file and customizable search functions

  • Easy integration with other systems such as GIS, CRM, ERP and legacy ECM systems

  • Easy to use and flexible user interface for entering documents and data

  • Supports mobile devices with secure access for remotely accessing data, applications and workflows

  • Automate document posting to an intranet or public website without HTML coding

  • Automatic auditing of user interactions

  • Uniform data/document repository, auditing and compliance reporting functions

  • Reduce cost of paper and document handling

  • Online search capabilities

  • Automated archiving and retention management

  • Protect current sources of state and federal funding by proving compliance with program and records requirements.

how local agencies use document management tools

Building and Planning: Automate the permitting process and simplify access to GIS data.

Clerk's Office: Offer citizens online access to public documents and data, vital records, legal notices and agendas and minutes for councils and commissions.

Development: Create efficient workflows from project documents, retain electronic archives of documentation for permits and support easier access to GIS data.

Finance: Process invoices and tax receipts electronically to reduce handling costs, capture early payment discounts and gain additional days of earned interest on tax revenues. Automate contract renewals and purchasing processes for reduced costs.

Fire and Emergency Services: Store and manage electronic records pertaining to permits and inspection reports.

Human Resources: Automate employment workflows such as tracking job applicants, maintaining personnel files and processing insurance claims.

Department of Transportation: Streamline information exchange between office workers and field staff.

Law Enforcement and Courts: Manage police reports and offender records electronically. Process electronic documents submitted for case hearings and publish court opinion and judgment documents online.

Public Health: Meet federal requirements for managing, storing and providing access to patients' electronic medical records.

Public Works: Help field-based employees save time, increase productivity and improve service delivery by using mobile devices to enter data, handle workflow tasks and access project documents. Manage electronic records and automate work activities for vehicle fleet management.

Records Management: Take advantage of records management processes to create online, off-site backups of documents that would be critical for disaster recover, compliance or records requests across various public sector agencies and departments.

Courts: Free up staff time by automating case filing, e-filing and records requests.

Department of Social Services: Automate case management to ensure that applicants receive benefits as quickly as possible.

Laserfiche for Courts Brochure
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Download the Laserfiche for Permitting Guide here

Download the Document Management for Courts Guide here

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