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Newspaper Scanning Services

High Quality Document Conversions

Newspapers contain huge volumes invaluable local history. However newspapers are difficult to store, require lots of space, are hard to retrieve and even more difficult to share or distribute. Converting these documents to electronic images provides an easy, long term solution.  
However newspapers range from simple black & white prints to highly complex, full color pages with photos and intricate detail. The media may be paper or linen. Newspapers often also incorporate imperfections such as shading, faded text & photos and they are often very frail.
For these reasons newspaper scanning requires specialized equipment and scanning staff with experience and a very high level of attention to detail.  
Reynolds Conversion Services Department has been capturing documents for over 47 years. Our staff averages 17+ years of experience. We have the experience to handle both small, simple projects and large, technically complex projects requiring an in-depth knowledge of your files.


Our process begins by reviewing with you important details about how your newspapers will be referenced;


  • How will they be accessible to the users (internal network, via the web, etc.)

  • Which content details are important

  • By what search criteria will they be retrieved

  • Does the text need to be searchable

  • What electronic image format will be easiest for users


These and dozens of other criteria form the basis of our specifications for each project.


From this point forward we make the process simple. Once we have established the project specifications and submitted samples for evaluation, our staff takes over and your time can be spent fulfilling your normal duties, not managing a scanning project.  


Please feel free to contact us if we may be of assistance with any of your information management projects - please use the form in the footer below or our Contact Page.

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Benefits of Scanning
Scanning brings all organizations a number of significant operational benefits;
  • Provides immediate access from desktop PCs or portable devices
  • Enables tighter security of encrypted electronic files

  • Enables audit trail tracking of who has accessed information

  • Provides a backup copy for disaster recovery purposes

  • Eliminates storage requirements

  • Prevents lost or misfiled documents

  • Enables searching by a wide range of index values

  • Simplifies and automates records retention

  • Enables regulatory compliance

  • Greatly simplifies audits

  • Allows for outsourced services

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