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Image Capture Software

Kodak Capture Suite

Simplify scanning. Automate indexing. Maximize connectivity.


Automate your paper intensive business applications by transforming paper documents into critical business data. Quickly and easily convert batches of paper into high-quality images.


KODAK Capture Pro Software meets all your batch capture needs with a complete high-to-low volume batch capture software application offering robust data extraction and delivery to repository and business applications.


Capture Pro Software is a versatile scanning application that meets your centralized or distributed scanning needs whether you're in service bureaus, insurance, finance, health care, transportation, manufacturing, government, or legal. Engineered to work seamlessly with any Kodak scanner and most third-party scanner models, KODAK Capture Software has proven success with tens of thousands of customers


With Capture Pro Software you can:


  • Run complex jobs with push-button ease

  • Capture, QC and index multiple batches

  • Enhance your productivity with advanced indexing capabilities and dual stream scanning

  • Cut costs for manual data entry/indexing by using Database Lookup to validate or populate fields

  • Use mark detection to process simple surveys and other checkbox forms

  • Enhance data integrity with double data entry indexing

  • Reduce time and cost for image review and correction via Intelligent Quality Control

  • Output to dozens of other systems

  • Be up and running right away with included start-up assistance and software assurance


Simplify Scanning


Optimize image quality automatically 
Intelligent Quality Control automatically flags questionable images and optimizes image quality without rescanning. Auto orients, crops, and deskews images.

Save time with one-scan/dual-stream output 

Scan once and get color/bitonal, or grayscale/bitonal images. Enhance OCR from B&W images while retaining color images for archiving.


One capture solution that grows with your needs 
From desktop to distributed to high-volume environments, it's ideally scalable. Plus you benefit from one familiar interface for Kodak Scanners and those from other manufacturers. Support in 17 GUI languages and 126 OCR languages.




  • Intuitive graphical interface

    • Easy to learn, navigate, and customize

    • Start a scan job with one click; scan, process and output are executed automatically

    • Unlimited buttons can be created for new job setup

    • Looks and acts the same on all scanners – Kodak scanners and those from other manufacturers

    • 17 languages supported, now including Polish

    • Reduces training time

  • Dual stream scanning support (for scanners with dual stream)

    • Produce color and bitonal, or grayscale and bitonal images from single scan

    • Use bitonal image for easy OCR or barcode reading, and retain full color image for archiving

    • Can choose different output destination and format for each stream

  • Advanced image/document processing

    • Image merge and split

    • Rotate, crop, rescan

    • Intelligent Quality Control

    • Automatically flag images of questionable quality for review

    • Easily adjust images without rescanning

    • Includes hole fill, auto orientation, autocrop and deskew

    • Displays results before and after adjusting image

    • Perform multiple document separations with one split operation

  • Many automated functions for high scanning productivity

    • Batch and document separation

    • Blank page detection and removal

    • Background batch processing

    • Image merge and split

    • Automatic rotation and reorientation

    • Automatic image reordering

  • Rescan / Rotate with Scanner Enabled

    • Rescanning with the scanner enabled allows the user to keep the scanner enabled, select image(s) and rescan/rotate these images with minimal key strokes

    • When rescanning with the scanner in enabled state, additional images will be added to the end of the current document until the next document separation

  • "Out of the box" operation

    • Pre-set 'ready to scan' job setups

    • One-button scanning options

    • Job shortcuts – select from system tray for easy ad hoc scanning and access to repetitive jobs

  • Compatible with Kodak scanners and those from other manufacturers

    • Supports nearly 200 popular models from other manufacturers

    • Looks and acts the same on all scanners

    • Ideal for mixed scanner environments

  • User help

    • On-line help in 16 languages

    • PDF User's and Administrator's Guides

    • Getting Started Guide

  • Capture Pro software takes maximum advantage of Kodak scanner capabilities such as:

    • Dual stream (simulataneous color and b/w) scanning

    • Imprinting

    • Long paper stitching

    • Front/back processing, and more

Automate Indexing


Protect your data integrity with double data entry

indexing and guard against entry errors.


Index faster with drag-and-drop OCR and speed

operations with zonal OCR/MICR, 1D and 2D

barcodes, and indexing for up to 999 fields.


Process surveys and other checkmark forms.

Flexible mark detection accurately detects marks

in specified zones and populates corresponding

index fields with results.



  • Powerful, flexible indexing

    • 999 indexing fields

    • Zonal OCR/MICR

    • 1-D, 2-D barcodes

    • Filtering setting to help read poor quality bar codes

    • Drag and drop OCR

    • Index field drop-down list

    • Double data entry indexing

  • Database Lookup

    • Improves indexing productivity and accuracy

    • Validate that a captured index field is correct

    • Look up one or two values to populate other index fields

    • Support ODBC-compliant data sources

    • Can be performed:

      • during scanning

      • in indexing mode

      • when editing "Index input field" data

      • when navigating to next/previous/next invalid

      • when opening an existing batch

      • when outputting the batch

  • Mark Detection

    • Detect checks, x's, or other marks in framed or unframed zones and use the results to populate associated index fields

    • Process surveys, applications, questionnaires, and other "checkbox" forms

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