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RPA Quick Guide


Robotic process automation

RPA (Robotic Process Automation) is user-friendly software that creates computer "robots" to perform workflow tasks. These bots use your business rules to mimic the actions employees take to perform tasks. 

Frequent uses include copying and pasting data from various internal systems (often into Excel spreadsheets). Bots can look up, verify and correct information from websites and portals. Bots can can do price comparisons across hundreds of websites for thousands of items so you can be sure to get the lowest price from vendors. Bots can make calculations from various data sources to product meaningful end-user information. And so much more.

RPA robots are sometimes called "swivel chair robots" because they perform tasks humans do, working side by side with your employees.

your new digital workforce

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what you can expect from rpa

Immediate cost savings of up to 80%

100% accurate data and zero error rate

Free employees from mundane tasks

25-50% higher staff productivity

30-50% faster processing times

Easy-to-build robot design studio

24 x 7/365 operations - no PTO or holidays

Strict adherence to rules and processes

Creates a new workforce to work alongside current team

Easily integrates with legacy systems, cloud applications and all data sources like web sites, portals, Excel, databases and any file type (like PDF), XML, etc.

what robots can do

If you can map what an employee is doing to collect and input data, you can create a robot to do it for them - in a few hours without coding.

See how to save 1 workday each week with an RPA robot

7 Robotic Skills You Can Master


Gather, collate and validate information

Synthesize and analyze  structured and unstructured data

Calculate (a position or value) and/or decide (what to do)

Record and transport information and data

Learn, anticipate and forecast

Orchestrate and manage activities (robotic and people based)

Monitor, detect and  report operational performance







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7 Robotic


Communicate with and assist users, clients and customers

Helpful RPA guides

RBS_Laserfiche RPA Ebook
reynolds helps you work smarter

Reynolds Business Systems has 50 years experience helping customers organize and manage their documents, data and workflows. Our services are customized to each company and project and results are guaranteed. Reynolds solutions will allow you quicker access to information, ensure completeness of your data, adhere to regulatory and compliance rules and save time. 

  • 50 Years Experience

  • Top clients with tough projects

  • Highest quality software and hardware

  • Experienced staff

  • Full project management

  • Client training from experienced professionals

  • Highest quality work

partial list of customers
Air Products and Chemicals
Berks County
Can Corporation
Central PA Teamsters
Dun & Brandstreet
Health Network Labs
Lafayette College
Lehigh Carbon Community
Lehigh County
Lehigh University
Lehigh Valley Health Network
Lower Macungie Township
Lutron Electronics
Miller-Keystone Blood Ctr
Montgomery County
Muhlenberg College
Northampton County
Santander Bank
South Whitehall Township
St. Luke's University Health Network

reynolds services

software solutions for  image capture

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scanning and conversion services

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workflow solutions

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professional services

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rpa - robotic process automation

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document and electronic content management

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scanners and hardware

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helpful links

Access your images via the web with our cloud based hosting service. Secure access to your images from any device or location.  Here.
If your internal staff will be preparing documents for scanning, this PDF is a quick procedure checklist. Here
preventive maintenance procedures for microfilm scanner

Maintenance Checklist

Preventive maintenance steps for microfilm scanners

See what's required and learn about new requirements here.
Maintenance Checklist

Preventive maintenance steps for document scanners

See what's required and learn about new requirements here.
Box Label Templates
Download either of the PDFs below to label your boxes prior to Reynolds pickup. Complete the fillable PDF electronically or handwrite. Self adhesive pockets to affix labels to the boxes will be provided.

​Traditional Box Label
​Concealed Contents Box Label

Document management software that makes your documents more affordable to store, easier to retrieve and integrate with your internal system. Here

Scan Quality Matters

Before you turn your documents over to someone, or take on the job of internal scanning, download this brochure that shows you how quality can vary between scanned images, and what you may be missing if the final product is not up to par. Trust us, we've seen it all from missing page backs, to illegible stamps, even missing decimals - all because the scanner or scan operator did not spend the time to adjust settings to capture every important detail, and likely the QC process did not check EVERY image for quality and matching to original the files.

Download it here.

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