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providing the easiest path to digital conversion and PHMC compliance

Reynolds Business Systems has worked with many Pennsylvania Counties in addition to City, Township and State government departments' helping them manage documents, electronic images, and microfilm. For over 50 years, we have been converting everything from back files, active records and electronic documents, to docket books, index books, deed, maps, drawings and film.

We will work within your budget and timeline and can even spread the costs over to to meet your budgetary limits. All scanning, PHMC services, hardware and software is covered under Reynolds COSTARS contract.
imaging services at reynolds
As the most experienced scanning service provider in PA, you can be confident we will provide you with expert guidance on the best process for you and a result that can't be matched. Here is what we provide:
  • Imaging in accordance with PHMC and AIIM standards
  • Consultation on the best application for your records and needs. We can walk you through what we've done for other government offices
  • Full guidance on indexing records for fastest retrieval and disposition
  • Pick and delivery services for original records and finished products, including uploading to your internal servers/cloud
  • Document preparation
  • Imaging services to meet internal requirements and regulatory guidelines - image formatting to fit your needs - tiff, PDF, JPG, searchable PDF, etc...
  • Microfilming scanning services
  • 100% quality checking of every image for content, legibility, and reproducibility
  • 24/7 document access while at our facility.  You can get same day digital files or we can arrange delivery of original documents when necessary
  • At project completion we can return or destruction upon approval
  • 100% import guarantee for seamless integration with your current systems so records will be formatted to flow smoothly into and out of your existing systems
Space Savings - achieve over 95% space savings vs. hard copy storage
Improve Access/Information Retrieval and Distribution - ensure timely retrieval of information and improved access with indexing and software that puts everything at your fingertips
Security - keep scanned records both on site and copies at a backup offsite location to avoid loss during disaster
File Integrity and Control - no more lost or misfiled documents, redaction is easy and securing electronic files is simple
Cost Savings - decrease storage and retrieval costs
Easy Sharing and Distribution - electronic images are inexpensive and easy to produce and distribute
Protection of Original Record - preserve original documents from loss, fire and water damage, while using electronic images for regular reference
Paper Prints are Simple - when necessary, paper prints are easy to produce
In-House Scanning Set Up
If you want to set up a scanning operation at your facility, we can provide you with everything you need to be successful.
  • Guidance on staff and time requirements based on your volumes
  • Consultation on what to convert and the best conversion method for your needs
  • Full guidance on indexing records for fastest retrieval and disposition
  • Imaging hardware that best suits your needs based on volumes and document types
  • Easy-to-use imaging software that integrates with your internal systems
  • Staff training on document preparation, hardware, and software usage
  • Full-service support for hardware and software
More Government Services

Laserfiche Electronic Content Management is the best records management platform for governments of all size. With Laserfiche you and your constituents will be able to find the information and documents you need with the click of button. From any location via desktop, app, or mobile device. 


RPA (Robotic Process Automation) is user-friendly software that creates computer "robots" to perform workflow tasks. These bots use your business rules to mimic the actions employees take to perform tasks. 

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PHMC Compliance is easy when you work with Reynolds. We are very knowledgeable of the requirements and experience in the process to meet all new PHMC guidelines.

docket books
administrative records
historical records
license files
code books
variance files
land use plans
building and permit documents
license files
financial records
purchasing records/ap
health files
arrest forms
investigative files
complaint files
human resources files
budget files
law records
electronic files
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All services and products fall under Reynolds COSTARS and ITQ agreements as an approved vendor.

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