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Barcode/RFID Tracking Software

Infolinx Physical Records Management Software

Infolinx provides DoD 5015.2-certified enterprise records management software solutions for managing the full life cycle of physical records and digital content/electronic documents. Our leading records management software solutions enable organizations to manage records from creation to destruction from a single, browser-based application, regardless of media type.

Built for physical records management and digital content management, Infolinx features include advanced retention schedule and legal holds management, seamless integrations with Enterprise Content Management and off-site storage providers, full-text/keyword searching, complete audit history, location reconciliation, integrated RFID file tracking, space management, extensive reporting, advanced security configurations, and workflow notifications.


Infolinx WEB 
Core Feature Set


Our powerful core feature set includes industry-leading solutions to track and manage physical records.

  • Physical records management

  • Retention schedules and legal holds management

  • Integrated barcode & RFID technology

  • Workflow and extensive reporting capabilities


Infolinx WEB 
Advanced Feature Options


In addition to our core feature set, our advanced feature options allow organizations to build a records management solution that's tailored to their technology and business needs.

  • Physical records & digital content management

  • Advanced retention schedule & legal holds management

  • Advanced disposition support

  • Ethical walls enforcement

  • Integrations with Enterprise Content Management and off-site storage providers

Integrated Enterprise Content Management


Infolinx integrates with many leading Enterprise Content Management (ECM) applications and off-site storage providers to enable organizations to manage electronic records/digital content along with physical records in Infolinx. Availble ECM integrations include:

  • NetDocuments

  • Laserfiche

  • Microsoft SharePoint


Off-site Storage Provider Integration


Infolinx WEB integrates with software used by third-party/off-site storage providers such as Iron Mountain Connect™, O'Neil oneilBridge™, and Andrews Software InfoKeeper™.

The Infolinx integration provides seamless physical records management regardless of location, including:

  • Create and manage service requests including pick-up and delivery

  • Configurable internal approval of all off-site requests

  • Multiple business account support

  • Optional inventory reconciliation


Integrate physical & electronic retention schedules

Infolinx physical records management software allows users to collaboratively develop and maintain organizational document retention schedules. Entire schedules down to individual series may be executed as scheduled or for planning purposes, enabling records administrators to plan for upcoming document destruction.

Ensure regulatory compliance

Infolinx physical records management software is DoD 5015.2 Certified, the records management industry standard. In addition, Infolinx physical records management software is designed to be an integral part of internal business practices adhering to record compliance regulations such as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), 21 CFR Part 11, the Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) Act, and section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act.

Implement easy-to-use records management solutions

Infolinx physical records management software applications are designed with the end-user in mind. Interfaces are contemporary, graphical, and intuitive. Many of the most commonly used features can be accessed via our unique action barcodes without ever touching the keyboard or mouse.

Improve efficiency while reducing operation costs

Using integrated records management software, organizations benefit from faster data creation, timely archive disposition, seamless label printing integration, automated check in and check out, Radio Frequency Identification, workflow metrics reports, e-mail notifications, and a host of other standard Infolinx features all contribute to a better bottom line. Ask about our unique Return On Investment (ROI) tool and calculate the savings for yourself.

Institute full life-cycle records management

From point of creation to final record destruction, Infolinx physical records management software maintains a comprehensive and compliant audit history and chain-of-custody.

Safeguard vital information

Infolinx physical records management software includes a very robust security model designed to protect vital or sensitive information. Dynamic, user-definable data restriction templates allow records administrators to apply security at both row and field levels.

Eliminate missing items

Our low-impact software encourages end-user buy-in, thereby keeping items from ever becoming lost. Moreover, standard Infolinx physical records management software features like past-due notifications, audit trail histories, and regular interval inventory also significantly contribute to the elimination of missing items.

Assimilate new information technologies

Designed as a native web application that uses the very latest in commercial web programming technologies, including Microsoft .NET on an n-tier architecture, Infolinx WEB software provides an unprecedented level of records management software integration.

Minimize litigation risks

Adherence to the above-mentioned document regulations, coupled with timely disposition of inactive or archived records thru retention schedules, greatly reduces the legal exposure incurred by antiquated or non-existent organizational records management practices.

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