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Robotic process automation

getting started with rpa

RPA is deployed in weeks, not months

It's easier than you think

If you can map what an employee is doing to collect and input data, you can create a robot to do it for them - in a few hours without coding.



Select a time intensive, rules-based task and map the steps a human takes to complete the process. Include steps, systems used, workflow and where, if any, human interaction is needed.

Using the intuitive robot design studio, build robotic steps, mapping human interactions with applications. Test and validate robot.


Schedule robot runs based on business needs. You can re-use robot snippets for other processes and robot builds.

RPA Quick Guide Dummy Cover.PNG

RPA Quick Guide


Reynolds experts will guide you through the process from identifying high potential, high impact processes, to mapping steps, selecting the right RPA software, programming robots and training staff. And like with all of our work and projects, we are always on call to answer questions.

We've got actual robots to show you how they work and how you can apply it to your organization and department. Call us today to get started, 610-398-9080.

program computer robots to mimic human steps

Call us for a free demo and one-on-one session and process evaluation


RPA robot design studios offers a code-free, logical and visual design. This makes it easy to program and easy to update robots for new data sources and processes. There is even a bot recorder that tracks steps in a process for you.

Plus, you can re-use routines across robots to save time and cost.

Sample  web data capture robot

Robot Image.png

Robot loads specified web page

Robot searches for specified information on web page (text, images, values, etc.)

Robot repeats the search for all instances on the web page

Page data extraction is completed for all pages contained in the original search

Data is extracted and exported to destination (database, Excel/Word doc, etc.)

rpa use cases


PO creation

Invoice creation/distribution

Exception processing


Invoice/PO reconciliation

Vendor portal interactions




Server/application monitoring

FTP download/upload

User setup/configuration

IT rollouts (Windows, updates)



Inventory monitoring

Inventory reporting

Production reporting


Web Data Retrieval

Social media

Credit reports

Market intelligence

Competitor monitoring


Repetitive Tasks

Job scheduling

Update scheduling

Look up and verify information

Licensing and verification

Data entry

Forms processing

Copy/paste between systems

Competitive product/price matching

Email automation (send/receive and manage attachments)

Automate manual data entry



Month end data capture

Data transfer between systems

Report aggregation, formatting

Journal entries

T&E reporting/payment

Report distribution



New customers

New vendors

New students

New employees

100 Uses Download Image.PNG

100 Uses for RPA


how to get more out of excel with rpa

eliminate errors, save time

Excel Automation

Take the burden out of creating and manipulating data in Excel with RPA. Using the bot designer you can easily map the steps a human takes in Excel, and create a robot to perform each, without error, in seconds.

top Excel functions you can automate

  • Copy, Cut and Paste Data

  • Transfer data between applications and systems

  • Import/Export files

  • Run Macros

  • Run analysis reports

  • Route Excel documents

  • Sort data

  • Delete duplicates

  • Compare columns

  • Fill in forms with data from Excel

  • Migrate and integrate data into platforms

  • Format Data

  • Calculations

  • Extract data into workbooks

  • Update data to/from external systems

RPA for Excel

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