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Electronic Content Management


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With Laserfiche content management you can have immediate access to documents and information with just the click of a button or swipe of a screen. You'll have complete control of your documents and information by digitally capturing, securing and organizing content across your departments - including paper documents, images, videos, emails, electronic documents, and more.

You can convert all of these documents and files into a searchable digital format and then organize it all into a central repository for access from any location - easily and securely. No one will be waiting for the information they need - in the office or remotely.

benefits of laserfiche
  • Retrieve documents and information from anywhere - office, remote work location, home

  • Easy entry points via web browser, portals, and apps

  • Easy interface makes all content types easy to search, retrieve and share

  • Use any device - desktop, laptop, phone, pad

  • Laserfiche security and user privilege features automatically protect sensitive documents and privacy

  • Easily set limits on what employees can post and update

  • Maintain compliance with internal and external guidelines and regulations - SEC, FINRA, HIPPA, PHMC, Sarbanes-Oxley and others

  • Back up files and records for disaster recovery

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  • Easy integration with current and legacy systems

  • Easily set limits on what employees and third parties can post and update

  • Establish and manage workflow

  • Back up files and records for disaster recovery

who's using laserfiche


  • AP/AR

  • Auto Industry

  • Human Resources

  • Manufacturing

  • Utilities

  • Compliance

  • Finance

  • Banks/Credit Unions

  • Legal

  • Contracts

  • Quality/Safety

  • Public Access

  • Insurance

  • Facilities

  • Maintenance

  • Auditing


  • Registrar

  • Human Resources

  • Financial Aid

  • Student Access

  • Compliance

  • Finance

  • Legal

  • Contracts

  • Quality/Safety

  • Public Access

  • Insurance

  • Facilities

  • Grant Management


  • AP/AR

  • Human Resources

  • Compliance

  • Finance

  • Legal

  • Contracts

  • Quality/Safety

  • Public Access

  • Insurance

  • Facilities/Maintenance

  • Medical Records

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how laserfiche works


content capture

Convert paper to electronic format and store along with existing electronic files in a central digital repository

  • Scan paper documents into a fully searchable electronic format

  • Scan with OCR, barcodes, and other technologies to make the process fast and accurate

  • Easily drag-and-drop files from a computer and import into Laserfiche - Word and Excel documents, PDFs, emails, videos, photos, and any other file format

  • Automatically upload content from local storage as it is detected as well as emails and their attachments



content management

Easily access information with the click of a button or the swipe of a screen. Laserfiche provides a safe, organized, and compliant alternative to storing documents and files to network directories.

  • Centralized document management

  • Index fields and full text searching make finding documents fast and easy

  • Check documents in and out

  • Create, copy, move, rename, download, and delete document

  • Records management features assure documents are retained for the proper amount of time

  • Information can be accessed via desktop, web, portal, or app 




Easily set your own security with the on-premise solution or with Cloud you'll have the reliability of Amazon Web Services hosting security

  • Accommodate your internal policies, user roles and other controls

  • Meet privacy guidelines

  • Easily track users and data for compliance and audits

  • Add DoD 5015.2 certified compliance where needed





Don't get caught in the trap of saving documents and electronic files to network directories. This leads to missing documents, lack of searchability across systems, and a significant lack of security.


With Laserfiche all document types are searchable. And access, uploads and the ability to change documents is carefully controlled and monitored through security and permission rules you set.

easy integration

Microsoft Office
Save documents, spreadsheets, emails, and presentations

CRM and ERP Systems
Centralize all customer and employee information with systems such as Salesforce and PeopleSoft

Digital Signature Software
Automatically send documents for digital signatures Docusign or SignIx

Multi-Function Devices

Simplify digitizing of documents

Geographic Information Systems

View all documents on a map through  integration with ESRI or other GIS system

Laserfiche is one of the easiest and lowest cost ECM systems to integrate with existing systems, and with Cloud there is little to no IT involvement

  • Office Plug-in - quickly save Microsoft Office documents to Laserfiche, create versions and track changes

  • Quickly archive emails from Outlook and even capture attachments

  • Easily integrate with most other applications using the Laserfiche Integration feature

  • Integrate electronic signatures with DocuSign

Electronic Forms and Workflow

Electronic (eforms) forms can replace most, if not all, of your current paper forms. the easy-to-use dynamic forms designer lets you replicate and enhance your current forms with no coding necessary. Plus, they can integrate with your current systems so you don't have to enter the same information across forms, it can be pre-populated.

New Hire Onboarding Form

Example - New Hire Form

  • New Hire Electronic Form mimics existing paper form

  • New hire fills out the necessary information which is then saved to the repository

  • Employee is prevented from submitting form until all required fields are complete

  • A timer can be set so if form is not completed within stipulated timeframe, a reminder is sent to the employee/HR specialist

Workflow a Process Management

Example - New Hire Workflow

New Hire Onboarding Workflow

When a new employee is entered into the system a New Hire Workflow kicks off. This can be as detailed as needed and include forms uploads, automatic email notifications, reminders, and electronic signatures. The workflow piece eliminates HR staff from constantly following up to ensure a new employees file is complete.

The workflow can determine where the documents should be stored and who has permission to access them.

cloud or on-premise deployment

choosing the right fit

cloud if:


on-premise if:

  • You're looking for a low cost of ownership - cloud software is an operating expense, thus eliminating the need to approve a large capital expenditure

  • You don't want to invest in hardware for storage - with cloud, adding storage comes at a lower cost and is more scalable than purchasing hardware assets

  • You're looking for easy budgeting - with cloud, support and maintenance costs are include in your annual contract

  • You'd like to limit the burden on IT

  • You'd like to secure information and simplify compliance - data is encrypted at rest and in-transit using Amazon Web Services encryption

  • You're looking for simplified software upgrades - cloud upgrades and releases are deployed frequently and efficiently

  • You'd prefer a lower long-term cost - one-time licenses fees for on-premise licenses are generally lower over the long term

  • You prefer to customize your IT environment - on-premise deployment offers complete control over infrastructure customization

  • You require in-house data security

  • You need to offer multiple access options to support your workforce, including ones that don't require internet access - useful for companies who don't have reliable internet connectivity or must restrict internet access due to security

Laserfiche Cloud_Deployment
reynolds + laserfiche = success

You can be completely confident with the entire process from digitizing images, to access and security guidelines and developing portals and apps that will securely allow access. Reynolds has 50+ years of experience in document imaging and scanning, content management, designing and implementing user interfaces and guiding customers through the process.

Laserfiche is one the most highly regarded content management providers. Its simplicity, ability to scale and user features make it ideally suited for one-off department level installations up to large, enterprise level installations. Here is what the experts and customers are saying:

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accounts payable/receivable

Laserfiche for accounts payable and receivables allows you to automate the entire workflow from creating POs, to receiving invoices, routing, approvals, exceptions and payments. Compliance is simplified and integration with existing financial systems, PeopleSoft, SAP, MS Outlook, Oracle, SQL, MS Dynamics and others is easy, with little to no coding.

Accounts Payable/Receivable
  • Avoid duplicate payments

  • Capture early discounts

  • Accelerate dispute management

  • Auto capture and match invoices

  • Eliminate manual sorting

  • Automate Routing

  • Eliminate errors

  • PO Automation

  • Automate check processing

Laserfiche for Business Accounts Payable

3 Accounts Payable Case Studies

Download here

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