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new phmc guidelines

streamlining your imaging process for phmc compliance

Whether you have paper records, microfilmed records or scanned images, with our without PHMC backups, Reynolds is here to help you streamline your process and ease compliance to the new guidelines so you can free yourself from paper and microfilm.

Currently Using
Paper Documents?


  • Paper documents waste a lot of storage space

  • Retrieving files is cumbersome

  • Mis-files are frequent

  • Sharing documents is not easy



  • With the new PHMC guidelines you simply scan to PDF/A format and create the necessary backups

  • No more paper originals to store

  • No more microfilm backup

reynolds can help:

  • If you continue using paper and need more space to store inactive originals, Reynolds can store your documents in our secure facility and provide 24/7 access when you need an original.

  • If you're ready to start scanning, Reynolds Conversion Services can take care of everything from document prep to scanning and indexing and fully compiling PHMC backups, along with destruction of your original documents.

  • If you're ready to start scanning documents in-house, Reynolds can provide the hardware, software and consulting you 'll need to get up to speed quickly.

Currently Using
Microfilmed Records?


  • You either have retained the original documents and use microfilm for daily access, or you've created a microfilm backup for PHMC and destroyed the originals.

  • You need to maintain reader/printers to access records and searching through film/fiche is cumbersome

  • Sharing documents is not easy

  • Paper documents waste a lot of storage space


  • You can eliminate the microfilm backup when you either scan the original microfilm to compliant PDF's, or switch from filming to scanning in compliant PDF format.


reynolds can help:

  • Reynolds can convert your microfilm to compliant PDF's.

  • Reynolds can provide you with the necessary hardware to scan your microfilm in-house to compliant PDF's.

Already Using
Scanned Images?


  • After scanning you need to create a microfilm backup before destroying original documents.

  • If you don't have a microfilm backup, you have a lot of wasted space storing originals.


  • Per PHMC, there should be 100% QC of every record (every image checked for clarity and readability).

  • QC must be performed by someone other than the original scanner.

  • Each piece of metadata must be matched against the original record.

  • You must confirm electronic document authenticity, integrity and virus free.



reynolds can help:

  • Reynolds Conversion Services can provide fully compliant scanning and backups of your records.

This information is intended to highlight key changes to PHMC guidelines and should not be used to design compliance procedures.

reynolds Phmc compliance services


PDF/A Services
  • Create compliant PDF/A files from your microfilm or previously scanned images

  • Provide hardware and software for you to scan to PDF/A files from paper, microfilm or scanned files

  • Scanning services to image your documents/files to compliant PDF/A formats



security preservation file creation
  • Create compliant PDF/A Security Preservation File from your scanned images or microfilm

  • Provide on-site or off-site storage on either removable media or cloud storage

backup security preservation file creation
  • Provide off-site storage of your PDF/A files for the Backup Security Preservation File

  • Annually rotate your Backup File to new media

  • Migrate your PDF/A files to the latest PDF format

  • Provide required documentation

  • Pricing is based on GB of data

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