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Electronic Content Management

automated workflow


Laserfiche Enterprise Content Management (ECM) is a scalable workflow and records management solution that gives you easier access to information and the ability to automate processes across your campus and district. Students, faculty, staff and outside parties will have access to information they need anytime, from anywhere. You'll streamline and improve paper-based processes and standardize records management across campus and the district, while integrating with your existing ERP and SIS systems.

At a time when budgets are tight and student demands are increasing, it's imperative that colleges and school districts implement technologies to streamline operations, reduce operating costs, and increase student satisfaction and success.

Instant Search and Retrieval - with all your records and content housed in a central repository, anyone with permission can easily access content from anywhere - via web browser, portal or app - staff and students spend less time processing, filing and routing paper files.

Easy Integration with Existing Systems - one of Laserfiche's strongest capabilities, we guarantee easy implementation and sharing of data across your systems, with little to no coding or IT involvement. See more on Laserfiche's Ellucian/Banner integration below.

Robust Security and Compliance - Laserfiche can accommodate policies, user roles and other controls for maintaining data security, privacy, and compliance. Including DoD, HIPAA and more.

Simplified Records Management - easily manage the lifecycle of documents and get notified when documents are ready for disposition. 

More laserfiche features

Higher Education
admissions & financial Aid
  • Capture tools compile and index incoming application documents

  • Workflow streamlines review and auto-generates acceptance and award letters

  • Laserfiche accelerates admissions and financial aid processing for more timely responses to prospective and current students

  • Records management tools enable organization of donor information for easy retrieval

  • Integrates with CRM/advancement systems

  • Online forms capture donation information and provide payment gateways

  • Laserfiche centralizes donor information for data gathering and more targeted outreach

administrative offices
  • Human Resources - online forms facilitate applications; workflow streamlines interview scheduling and application review; employee records are archived securely; benefits management; travel expenses; HR audits

  • Accounts Payable/Purchasing - Capture tools process incoming invoices and extract metadata; workflow facilitates purchase order matching and discrepancies

  • Buildings - new construction project request forms; maintenance request forms and routing; event request forms

  • Online forms enable students to submit application documents

  • Workflow streamlines the application compilation and review/approval steps

  • Laserfiche facilitates fast and responsive services to better empower students.

grant administration
  • Online forms enable faculty to submit their intent to apply and relevant documents

  • Workflow streamlines application compilation and activity tracking

  • Laserfiche enables efficient task management and collaboration for improved faculty support

student records management
  • Current student records

  • Transcript requests

  • Student withdrawals

  • Employment verification

  • Incident reporting

  • Incident follow-up actions automation

  • Retention and archiving automated schedules

  • Audit reporting automation

  • Easy version control

  • Ability to control revisions and view history

  • Ensure everyone is working from the same version

  • Automate approval workflow

  • Set update/expiration dates

See how College of the Desert Streamlined Student Services

k-12 districts and schools

Laserfiche for K-12 includes all the features above and can utilize many standard features that help K-12 schools and school districts minimize paper and costs. It also offers easy integration with Skyward, TEAMS, TxEIS, eSchool, eFinance, Munis, PeopleSoft and more.


success stories

Download the full story here

" If I needed to send out a big batch of award letters before, they were printed, copied, mailed and filed. When I understood that Laserfiche could send those letters to the students' electronic files with the click of a button, that was a big 'aha' moment for me."


Clint LaRue

Director of Student Financial Services

Oklahoma Christian University

Oklahoma Christian University saved $31K in its Financial Aid department in one year by streamlining student records management and integrating with their Ellucian Colleague ERP.

Texas A&M University College of Engineering streamlined their HR onboarding process using Forms and saved 2,600 working hours a year, or over $100,000 in soft savings.

"Laserfiche is a versatile ECM system that has enabled us to streamline the administration of our grants throughout the lifecycle. Laserfiche has helped us to work smarter - not harder - and in a more expeditious manner. Most importantly, it helps us provide better services to our faculty."

Carolynn Julien

Associate Director of Research Administration

Hunter College

Linn-Benton Community College automated their transcript evaluation process using Forms and Workflow to better serve their transfer students and reduced processing time from six to eight weeks to just one week or less.

"Our ultimate goal is to implement automation throughout the district so that we can collect process data and improve operations based on those analytics. Laserfiche is an integral part of this strategy, and we look forward to implementing creative solutions that will ensure student success."


Bob Allen

Dir of Business Applications and Process

Frisco Independent School District

"At Edgewood Independent School District, teachers, staff, and administrators were used to filling out a paper form for anything from requesting time off to requesting funds for a classroom pizza party. Here is how EISD eliminated more than 200 different types of paper forms and made approval processes more efficient with Laserfiche forms."


Adam Galvan

Technology Director

Edgewood Independent School District

"HR estimates that it has reduced its annual costs associated with document management by over $350,000, as compared to the previous paper process."


John Rokenbrod

Software & Records Analyst

Bryan Independent School District

College of the Desert won an award from University Business for their implementation of Laserfiche Forms in the Registrar's Office to give students access to forms and applications 24/7 and integrating with the Ellucian Colleague SIS, improving application and petition processing time by 40%

Laserfiche Forms and Workflow eliminate paper and speed processing of common paper forms like:

  • Teacher Event Requests

  • Staff Requisition Requests

  • Sign Out Sheets

  • Maintenance Requests

  • Incident Reports

  • Incident Report Follow Ups

  • Transcript Requests

  • Alarm Code Authorization Requests

  • Truant Student Reporting

Easily Manage Student Records:

  • Current Student Records

  • Transcript Requests

  • Student Withdrawals

  • Employment Verification

  • Immunization Verification

  • Report Cards

  • Special Education Program Case Files

  • Public Records Requests and Compliance with Regulations

Simplify Approvals:

  • Digital Approvals Replace Physical Signatures - Principals, Directors, Academic Offices, Business/Operations Officers

  • Automatic Routing of Approvals

Human Resources:

  • Employee Recruitment

  • Employee Onboarding

  • Benefits Management

  • Travel and Expenses

  • HR Audits

Bonneville SD Forms Case Study

Download the Bonneville Joint School District Forms Process here

Easily Convert Paper Forms to Electronic Forms

Bonneville Joint School District implemented electronic forms. This study shows how just converting student enrollment and re-enrollments at the start of each year cut staff processing time by 96%. With 11 forms per student it took 30 minutes for school staff to enter all the information. Electronic forms cut the time per student to just 1 minute.

And with easy integration into Power School, all systems were up to date.

Read the full story here.

Laserfiche for K-12

Download our guide to K-12 Records Management and Workflow here

More about laserfiche cloud

Forms and Workflow

Electronic forms can replace most, if not all, of your current paper forms. the easy-to-use dynamic forms designer lets you replicate and enhance your current forms with no coding necessary. Plus, they can integrate with your current systems so you don't have to enter the same information across forms, it can be pre-populated.

Change of Major_Minor Electronic Form

Example - Change of Major/Minor

  • Change of Major/Minor mimics existing paper form

  • Student fills out the necessary information which is then saved to the repository

  • Students are prevented from submitting form until all required fields are complete

  • Student information can be pulled form your SIS and pre-populated, preventing errors

  • A timer can be set so if form is not completed within stipulated timeframe, a reminder is sent to the employee/HR specialist

Example - Change of Major/Minor Workflow

Change of Major_Minor Workflow
  • Once the student submits the request, it is sent to the Registrar's Office for processing and review. From there, it could be sent for further approval by faculty advisors or college deans, depending on the type of request. Once approved, the form is saved in the repository.

Software integration

Higher Education Giants Working Together

Laserfiche is one of the easiest and lowest cost ECM systems to integrate with existing systems, and with Cloud there is little to no IT involvement.


To automate processes and eliminate manual data entry, Laserfiche supports integration with Ellucian Ethos for a seamless connection with your Ellucian ecosystem.

To further extend your digital transformation, Laserfiche provides an intuitive, wizard-driven integration tool and bots powered by robotic process automation. Or you can develop custom solutions tailored for your institution with our software development kit (SDK).

Southern University Ellucian Integration

How Southern University Integrated with Ellucian to eliminate manual work. Read the full story here.

Ellucian_Banner Integration
analyst reviews

You can be completely confident with the entire process from digitizing images, to access and security guidelines and developing portals and apps that will securely allow access. Reynolds has 50+ years of experience in document imaging and scanning, content management, designing and implementing user interfaces and guiding customers through the process.

Laserfiche is one the most highly regarded content management providers. Its simplicity, ability to scale and user features make it ideally suited for one-off department level installations up to large, enterprise level installations. Here is what the experts and customers are saying:

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Nucleus Research

"Laserfiche process automation suite modernizes campus operations and streamlines communications with students, faculty, and staff."

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