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Electronic Document Processing Services

Processing of Documents Originating in Electronic Formats 

The vast majority of today's documents originate in electronic form. While this eliminates the need for scanning, many of these documents require some type of processing and they virtually all require structured document management and retention.
Effectively managing a steady flow of incoming electronic files can quickly become an unwieldy, time consuming task. Files may arrive in a variety of formats; PDF, Word, Excel, .msg, text files, etc. They may also lack required index values and other vital information needed for processing and retention.
Our staff has extensive experience in receiving (or collecting) electronic documents, processing this information then creating a common format for further downstream processing and/or retention.
Our Conversion Services Department can receive your electronic files in a variety of ways;
  • Document upload portals
  • Cloud based applications
  • Email attachments
  • FTP
  • Media such as DVD, portable or flash drives
Alternatively we can collect the documents from your designated electronic resources. Our staff can then provide a wide range of document quality control and processing functions;
  • Indexing/metadata collection
  • Document classification
  • Zonal or full text OCR
  • Reformatting to a common output standard (TIFF, JPG, PDF, etc.)
  • Quality control and image enhancement
  • Categorization for downstream processing
  • Archival formatting
Once processed, we can move the documents to other internal or external service providers, provide internal or cloud hosting services, or format all of the documents and data for your internal electronic document management system.
We also make the process simple. Once we have established the project specifications and submitted samples for evaluation, our staff takes over and your time can be spent fulfilling your duties, not managing flow of incoming documents.
Experience is the key to effectively performing these processes. Reynolds Conversion Services Department has been managing documents for over 47 years. Our staff averages 17+ years of experience. We have the experience to handle both small, simple projects and large, technically complex projects requiring an in-depth knowledge of your files.
Regardless of your industry, our staff has extensive experience with a wide array of organizational document types; higher education, banking, government, utilities, service providers, manufacturers, healthcare, and many others.
Please feel free to contact us if we may be of assistance with any of your information management projects - please use the form in the footer below or our Contact Page.
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