phmc guidelines

PHMC  guidelines for state, county and local government have changed.

In early 2017, PHMC released new guidelines for managing government records and it absolutely affects you. The good news, microfilm can go away. But, there are important procedural and technical changes to follow. Reynolds is the most experience document management company in PA and we are here to educate, guide and help you understand and implement the changes.

Key Steps to PHMC Compliance

In early 2017, PHMC released new guidelines for managing government records.  The good news, no more microfilm! However, there are important procedural and technical changes to follow. Primarily, the new guidelines require 3 copies of imaged documents if you will not maintain a paper copy.

PHMC Compliance Infographicg

"what you need to know"

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Create a User Copy - Copy 1


The User Copy can be scanned to any format (PDF, TIFF, JPG, etc..) and can be stored online or on removable media. How you scan (in-house or outsourced), and the preferred format stay the same as today.

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When you use Reynolds Conversion Services, we will automatically scan your documents to compliant PDF format, eliminating a step and cost. See our full services here.

Create Security Preservation File - Copy 2


The Security Preservation File must be in PDF/A format (typically 1a for electronically PDF'd images and 1b for scanned paper files). This file MUST be secured against unauthorized access and stored online, either onsite or offsite.

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Reynolds can create compliant PDF files and maintain your Security Preservation File on our servers. See our full services here.

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Reynolds can create and maintain your Backup File on our systems, keeping them offsite and in compliance. See our full services here

The Backup Security Preservation File must be stored in PDF/A format (typically 1a for electronically PDF'd images and 1b for scanned paper files). The Backup File can be stored online or removable media BUT it must be stored offsite in a geographically different location from copies 1 and 2.

Create a Backup Security Preservation File - Copy 3


Additional Key Requirements


  • PDF files must be migrated to the most current release of PDF as necessary and the process must be tested and documented.

  • Backups must allow for expugement and secure destruction.

  • Backup should be annually rotated to new media.

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Reynolds can store all copies of backups on our secure systems and provided PDF migration and annual rotation to media along with documentation. See our full services here.

This information is intended to highlight key changes to PHMC guidelines and should not be used to design compliance procedures.

reynolds Phmc compliance services


PDF/A Services
  • Create compliant PDF/A files from your microfilm or previously scanned images

  • Provide hardware and software for you to scan to PDF/A files from paper, microfilm or scanned files

  • Scanning services to image your documents/files to compliant PDF/A formats



security preservation file creation
  • Create compliant PDF/A Security Preservation File from your scanned images or microfilm

  • Provide on-site or off-site storage on either removable media or cloud storage


backup security preservation file creation
  • Provide off-site storage of your PDF/A files for the Backup Security Preservation File

  • Annually rotate your Backup File to new media

  • Migrate your PDF/A files to the latest PDF format

  • Provide required documentation

  • Pricing is based on GB of data

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