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2015 Accounts Payable Efficiency Study


Wondering how your payables department is doing compared to others?


This 2015 survey sponsored by the Institute for Financial Operations and Kofax will show you. It provides in-depth statistics on efficiency, technolgies in use, costs, and more.


Learn what's working, what's not, and what's on the horizon. And discover what typically matters most to the various stakeholders in an organization.


Grab some coffee and get ready for a great review of what's going on in the payables world and where things are headed.


Interested in implementing some of these ideas or improving what you're already doing? Reynolds provides all the products and services you need to pay invoices faster, improve accuracy, and keep up with what's next like (ridiculously) easy to use Supplier and T&E portals. Visit our Accounts Payables Solutions page to learn more.

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