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Kofax Mortgage Agility

Simplify the mortgage origination process to close more loans faster–and with greater efficiency

Kofax® Mortgage Agility™ is a smart process application that radically transforms and simplifies the First Mile™ of the mortgage application process. The solution revolutionizes the antiquated, paper-laden, traditional mortgage process by actively engaging borrowers and lenders, enabling them to become collaborative stakeholders in a more effective, accurate and transparent process.


Delivering the next generation of mortgage processing, Mortgage Agility provides lenders with the ability to close more loans faster—and with greater efficiency. The solution enables mobile technology that pushes capture and collaboration capabilities to the web and mobile devices, enhancing both responsiveness and the customer experience. It also brings borrowers into the process unlike ever before, creating newfound value for both parties.

Mortgage Agility offers mortgage-specific business rules, best practices, standard and consistent calculations on an integrated platform. From prequalification to application, Mortgage Agility integrates multichannel capture, workflow, mobile capabilities, embedded analytics and data integration to provide customers with an improved experience.

The First Mile of Mortgage

A disproportionate amount of resources is dedicated to the beginning of the home loan process. Loan officers, loan partners and processors are all trying to get a clean loan file to the underwriters as quickly and efficiently as possible. This upfront, volatile, borrower engagement part of the process is what we call the First Mile of mortgage. This is where all the process savings and productivity opportunities are, and where all the difference can be made with your borrowers.

With the Mortgage Agility solution, lenders are finally able to turn the tides on this increasingly hostile operating environment and simplify the First Mile of the mortgage application process.

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Deliver a Better Mortgage Experience
The end-to-end, integrated workflow platform streamlines the process for borrowers, from prequalification to application submission.

Enable mobility for all Parties
Mobile technology pushes capture and collaboration capabilities to the web and mobile devices, accessible for lenders and borrowers.

Realize a Lower Cost per Loan
Full, multichannel capture capabilities enable lenders to process information faster, more accurately and at a lower cost.

Experience More Visibility
Business intelligence and analytics services provide near-real-time metrics of application content and process data.

INtegrate Seamlessly on a Single Platform
Leverage integrated interfaces across all services for installation, design, deployment, administration, monitoring, maintenance, etc.

Remain Compliant
All extracted data can be visualized and audited for reporting and compliance purposes (CFPB, HMDA, etc.).

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