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Essentials Scan Package


You can be on your way to eliminating (ok, greatly reducing) the amount of paper in your office while building an arsenal of data and digital documents that will allow you to put your finger on what you need with just the click of a button. Sound too good to be true? You’ll be surprised that for under $2,500 you can get started on a “paperless office” with an internal scanning process.


Why scan?

Because paper isn’t going away any time soon. And now you have to deal with paper, emails, PDF’s and other digital formats coming into your office. A system that can scan paper and import digital documents is the best way to organize all of your information so you can find what you need when you need it. 

With Reynolds Scan Systems, you will:

Have Instant Access to Information – you’ll be creating named, searchable PDFs that you can store on local or network drives, or import into your document management system.  Our solution covers it all.

Produce Error Proof Scans – This system utilizes ultrasonic double feed detection and other technologies to insure all documents are captured correctly.

Be Ready for Expansion – As your needs grow this system can be expanded without losing your original investment.  

Have Universally Acceptable Files – The image files and data are  
non-proprietary and will comply with new PHMC requirements.

Save Space and Clean Up the Clutter – Once a document is scanned, stored and backed up, you are free of the paper and will always have the digital documents available.

Keith H. Reynolds
We have seen countless scanning projects started but quickly abandoned once people realize how long it will take to finish. Reynolds scan packages are a quick, easy way to get started and they ensure that this won't happen to you. If the "Essentials" package doesn't fit your needs, rest assured that we have another package that will.

Essentials Scan Package

1) Kodak i2820 scanner that’s capable of scanning 1,000 pages per day in a compact desktop machine. 

2) Kodak Capture Software that allows you to quickly and easily transform paper into productive information. This is the key to accurate indexing so you can locate every piece of information you need from every document, and are able to retrieve it when you need it from a database or any internal application you already have.

3) Delivery, Installation, Set-up, Training and 90-days of full support. All from Reynolds experienced staff. We will help you decide what to scan, how to index and scan documents, and set up “scan profiles” to speed the process.  We make it so easy even first timers and novice users will be up and running in a day.

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