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scannx book scan center

the scanner choice for libraries

University of Washington technology staff realized not just any scanners would do. "we've had desktop scanners in the past. In fact, we've filled our libraries with dozens, if not hundreds of them. But they weren't being used because the interface wasn't user friendly." By contrast, "the Scannx interface is so user-friendly that no support staff is needed, even on the first try." 


University of Washington

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The Affordable, Easy-to-Use, Self-Service Book Scanning Solution

  • Converts scanned images to PDF, searchable PDF, Word, JPEG, TIFF, and PNG file formats

  • Sends scanned files to mobile devices, fax, USB drive, Google Drive, network folders, FTP, printer, or email

  • Patented design captures full pages of text without distortion​ and automatically crops, straightens and orients each page

  • Pages up to 11x17" lie flat on glass to protect book spine

  • ABBYY FineReader Technology for unmatched OCR

  • Easy-to-use software available in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, and Russian

  • Supports selected ACDI, ITC, and Jamex payment systems

  • Optional feeder expands usability

The Scannx Book ScanCenter is the choice of libraries because its large friendly buttons guide the user through the scan process from choosing file formats, to scan quality, color depth, file naming, and destinations.

scannx book scancenter

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ScanCenter brochure

Call for a FREE Demo 610-398-9080

They can scan periodicals that can't be checked out and email themselves the articles or save the to a USB drive. They can also make one quick scan of their notes or project materials and email them to everyone in their group at the same time. They can even scan papers to Google Docs so their whole team can collaborate electronically.


Bucks Community College 

Scannx Video
Easy to follow user screens
Compact, comfortable setup in libraries
protect books and privacy

The patented design of the Book ScanCenter protects the spine of the book from damage to extend its life. The book page lies flat on the glass, and the full image of the page is captured without distortion. The Book ScanCenter automatically crops, straightens and orients each page.

The system also protects privacy and confidentiality by only saving the scanning statistics and not any identifiable session information. Users can also password protect any scanned document and an additional authentication module can prevent anonymous emails from being distributed.

supported billing systems

The Book ScanCenter supports ITC and Jamex coin and debit card systems and major credit cards. It also works with leading print management vending systems include Pharos, EnvisionWare, and P-Counter. Scannx systems also support card systems from Blackboard and CBORD.

unmatched accuracy

The Book ScanCenter is integrated with the ABBYY FineReader Engine for unmatched accuracy. ABBY's multilingual document recognition engine automatically detects English, French, Italian, German and Spanish languages. The home screen also provides contrast and magnifying tools for the visually impaired.


Scannalytics tracks usage statistics, enables features remotely, and distributes updates. IT and Accounting departments can use these reports to manage and optimize asset utilization and department chargeback fees.

touchscreen scanning 
  • USB Drives

  • Email

  • Google Drive

  • Dropbox

  • Fax

  • Mobile Devices

  • Network Folders

  • Printers

  • Google Drive

  • FTP

  • OCLC Article Exchange

  • ILLiad

  • Odyssey

"I like the touchscreen and the way it walks them through the steps. It didn't require any documentation. It just takes you intuitively through the process".


Elizabethtown College

Unique design protects book spines

"From and IT standpoint, the Scannx centralized management console is an amazing tool, without this, we'd have to individually update all 29 machines. With the Scannx tool, we can push out a simple change or even a major change to all machines at the same time or a scheduled time."


University of Washington

The library even uses it to repair books. "sometimes, we'll have an older book missing a page, or a student will tear out three pages of literary criticism they need. A quick scan of the missing pages from another volume can be printed out and inserted into the damaged book...they really appreciate the beveled book-edge design of the Scannx, which protects the book spine from damage.


Bucks Community College 

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