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streamline your internal ap process

Quickly retrive data and documents
Capture high quality image scans
Take advantage of early pay discounts
Automate routing and exception processing
Reduce manual data entry by 80-100%
Reduce AP processing costs
39% lower cost per invoice processed

When invoice processing and cash management are the lifeblood of your organization, visibility and optimization can transform mere efficiency into full-fledged operational excellence.  That’s a status every well-managed business strives to achieve. IP/AP automation streamlines your end-to-end operations by enabling you to capture invoices from virtually anywhere, extract relevant data with little or no human intervention, and at all times gain visibility to the financial processes that support or subvert your business success. And with automation accelerating the entire operation, you’ll be ideally positioned to improve cash flow by capitalizing on early payment discounts.

Reynolds hardware and software solutions come from the world's leading manufactueres and are easy to implement and use.  Reynolds carries scanners to fit operations large and small, and their expertly trained software team will seamlessly integrate AP software into your existing systems (SAP, Oracle, virtually any system).

Providing all the hardware and software to capture, convert and extract the data you need - Quickly  and Accurately

With the Reynolds team training and helping you throughout implementation, you'll never be left guessing what or how to do anything. In addition to helping other companies implement complex scanning and retrieval processes, Reynolds has over 26 years of experience in its own scanning operation. Our team knows the in's and out's of organizing the transition, capturing all formats (paper, email, PDF, through an internal or 3rd party portal) for consistency and setting up software so you can have near real-time visibility into the data.  

The entire AP process can also be applied to T&E expenses, which notriously come in all formats. Reynolds can set up an easy-to-use T&E portal to accept receipt photos from mobile devices for fastest processing, visibility and accuracy.

Worldwide leading products
foolproof implementation
need t&e support?
trouble-free process

The process is simple and easily adaptable to fit your needs:

Reynolds professional will assess your challenges, needs, volume, process and staffing to determine the optimal configuration of hardware and software

Scanning hardware will be selected and installed at key locations in the organization. This will make light work of getting paper documents into your system.

Software will be configured to your specific processes and data formats, so all documents and data are immediately available, at any location

This includes approval routing and exception processes, saving many hours or days of manual                processes

We will set you up to receive faxes electronically, if you don't already

Our import routines to your existing systems are 100% Guaranteed

If you don't have an existing system that allows retrieval of your invoice and T&E images, Reynolds provides simple to use web-based imaging systems that enable your employees to retrieve any invoice in seconds


Reynolds will train your team to index documents so critical data is captured, train on the use of hardware and software, including a vendor and T&E portal if needed

The Reynolds support team is available for assistance at any point should you need them

Our award-winning, factory trained service team is on-call 24/7 every day of the year

If you'd rather not tackle the AP process internally, click here to learn about Reynolds scanning services for AP.
You'll get:
Same day processing
100% guaranteed integration with your systems
Highest quality images and data
Customized reporting
We also work with 3rd party AP vendors
Real Results

See the benefits other companies are realizing with AP automation.

benefits of reynolds

The average tenure of Conversion Services personnel is 17 years and has converted nearly 1 billion documents.

You'll be able to take advantate of our knowledge on streamlining processes, indexing documents for easiest retreival and training your team.

Reynolds provides industry and world leading equipment and software

You'll see:

  • Higher-quality images

  • Faster turnaround

  • Faster speed of processing and record retrieval

  • Lower costs

Reynolds award-winning, one-call service applies to your entire system. No matter the problem - scanner, software or PC - you'll be back up and running quickly.

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