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take the headache out of ap processing

Same day invoice processing 
Customized extracts allow quick access to the information you need
Workflow automation that routes approvals and exceptions
Formatted to your ERP or any other system
Invoices are matched and paid automatically
Invoices sent directly to Reynolds - in any format

Get your invoices into the processing queue FAST


"High paper invoice volumes and receiving invoices from multiple channels are the biggest contributors to AP processing complexity. Further, AP processing will become more complex over the next two years for most."  From The Institute of Financial Operations 'Accounts Payable Efficiency Study'.

Reynolds Accounts Payable Services eliminate these hassles along with many others, enabling your Payables staff to focus on higher-value tasks.

The process is simple and completely adaptable to fit your needs.

paperless ap processing

invoices received


via mail, email, web portal, mobile app, fax, etc.


document conversion

Data and images converted to consistent format - errors corrected


To your sytem or your outsourcer's process queue

invoices uploaded


invoices paid

By your staff or your outsourcer



Customized for your needs

Invoice Receipt


If you're like most payables departments you have invoices coming at you from a million different directions - mail, e-mail, fax, maybe a supplier portal, and numerous other ways. Not only are they coming in from many sources, but they're also in different formats - paper, PDF, JPG, the occasional stray Excel, TIF, comma delimited file and more.

Reynolds simplifes this by receiving your variety of invoices directly, you never need to touch them.


Mailed Invoices - We provide pickup at your facility (on your schedule) or we receive your mail via a local PO box.

Supplier Portal Invoices - We can use your existing supplier portal or if you don't have one, we can set up an easy to use portal.

E-mailed Invoices - We receive your e-mail for you via your existing e-mail address(es) or new address specifically for you.

Faxed Invoices - We can receive your faxes electronically to save having to scan them later.


Conversion to A Consistent File Format

Every document and electronic file is converted to a consistent format (typically TIF or PDF) that can be imported into your ERP or other systems. This gives your employees instant access and increased visibility into your payables. 

Data Extraction and Validation

Once invoices are received and converted, the information you need from them - invoice number, invoice date, dollar amount, even line items, etc. - is extracted. Pulling the data is the most important and challenging part of the process. Reynolds uses a combination of automated and manual processes to extract data quickly and cost-effectively.

Import Routines


Extracted data will be formatted for your system requirements. Reynolds provides import routines into SAP®, PeopleSoft, Lawson, Oracle® EBS, virtually any system. Our import routines are 100% GUARANTEED. Reynolds also provides document management systems for customers who don't have an existing system.




Reynolds software engineers can create reports to provide a detailed view into your AP processing -  Exception reports, approvals, and productivity reports are the most common.


Invoices received by 2:00 pm EST will be processed the same day.  Data extracts linking to your internal systems will provide routing, approvals and exceptions as required, and connect with your payment system to automatically pay invoices on time.  Advantages to you:

  • Capture all discounts

  • Avoid duplicate payments

  • Faster cycle times

  • Lower invoice processing costs

  • Real time visibility

100% Import


benefits of reynolds

The average tenure of Conversion Services personnel is 17 years

You'll see:

  • The same, highly-trained conversion experts work on your project every time

  • A team that knows your documents inside and out - the fastest way to process, how to avoid problems, and ensure consistency

  • Proven accuracy

  • Higher-quality images

  • Lower cost

Reynolds uses industry and world leading production-level equipment and software

You'll see:

  • Higher-quality images

  • Faster turnaround

  • Faster speed of processing and record retrieval

  • Lower costs

Frequently asked questions


How fast is it?

In-house - Automated systems are proven to reduce processing times by 50%.

Outsource - Same day service for invoices submitted by 2:00 PM EST.


Where does outsourcing occur?

Allentown, PA but invoices can originate from anywhere in the world.


We outsource payables. Can this still help me?

Absolutely, many of our customers outsource payables, in many cases to overseas vendors. In these situations, we work with your outsourcing company, just as we would if you were doing it yourself. You benefit from the speed, image quality, and data accuracy  we provide plus increased control and transparency.  We work with some of the world's largest outsourcing companies on a daily basis.


Data and images formatted for easy import into your

systems - GUARANTEED

Receive the data from your invoices and your documents/images formatted for easy import into your ERP or other systems. Reynolds provides import routines into SAP®, PeopleSoft, Lawson, Oracle® EBS, and more. Our import routines 

are 100% GUARANTEED.

other ap scanning products and services

DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT systems - If you don't have an existing system that allows retreiveal of your invoice images, Reynolds can provide a simple to use web-based or client-server imaging system that will enable your employees to retrieve any invoice in seconds.

Workflows - Reynolds payables experts can set up an easy to use automated workflows for exceptions and approvals.  From automtic re-routing for out-of-office situations to escalations.

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